Susanne Schotanus,
Kink Researcher

In 2015 I found my passion for the research into all things kink.

Because of my interest in cultural representations, I watch a lot of movies and read plenty of kink novels. That’s why in 2019 I started the Kinkstarter blog. On that site, I make weekly recommendations for books, films and web shops. However, though the cultural analysis methodology is what I started with (as you can see in my paper on “race play” that was published in 2017, as well as my Master’s thesis on Venus in Furs and the Marquis de Sade) I have been working tirelessly to expand my focus.

Current Research

Though I started out by just researching BDSM representations in literature and film, I have since expanded both my topic and methodology to include, for example, a focus on personal kink experiences through phenomenology; the history of academic kink research; an interest in European Kink subcultures using sociological methods; and newly emerging representations such as pet play. The more I learn, the more I want to know. Well, I guess that’s how you know that you’re passionate!

I have since attended conferences; set-up a book series; drafted up proposals for two monographs; contributed to several edited volumes (all forthcoming); and published some articles. I am also involved in organizing conferences on Kink and Intimacy. Oh, and I’m a mentor for the CARAS network! On all these projects, I will keep you up to date through the mailing list and blog section.

Stay in touch!

And after all this work, I thought it might be useful for you, the random enthusiast who happened to find this page, if I shared some of my knowledge. So: whether you’re looking for resources for your own research; want to find an “in” into the field of kink research; or would like to read some of my work, this website is for you!

If you have anything to share with me, I’d love to hear from you! Please use the following form:

Academic publications


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Involvements for the Emerald Interdisciplinary Connexions Series:

  • Forthcoming, 2021. Gavin, Helen (ed). Women, Power and Abuse: Interdisciplinary Essays on ‘Evil Women.’
  • Forthcoming, 2021. Cutler-Broyles, Teresa, Beitske Boonstra, Stefano Rozzoni (Eds.) Identifying Spaces and Places.